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Bahia del Sol Services

Enhance your ceremony with a different, fun alternative and a touch of finesse. Choose any complementary service and live the experience of a lifetime!

Bahia del Sol Beach Front Boutique Hotel offers you additional services that can help you enhance your ceremony; contact our wedding coordinator for availability and costs:

  • Rehearsal Dinner.
  • Spa Couple Session.
  • Family Breakfast or Lunch Before the Ceremony.
  • Lawyer and Legal Certificates.
  • Professional Stylists.
  • Souvenir for a Welcome Package.
  • Musical Trio Show During Cocktail or Dinner.
  • Professional Photography Service.
  • Audio System.
  • Regional Musical Group.
  • Wedding Cake.
  • Musical Parade Show.
  • Calypso Show.
  • Saxophonist.
  • Fireworks and more…


Wedding Packages and Special Events at Bahia del Sol Beach Front Boutique Hotel

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Live the dream of one of the most special moments in life; surrounded by splendid and romantic beaches.

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Bahia del Sol Beach Front Boutique Hotel is a perfect place for an cherished celebration from 10-120 people.

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